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PHN Industry Sdn Bhd is the leading Tier-1 manufacturer of automotive components in Malaysia and expanding into aerospace, electrical & electronic, and rail industry.

PHN specialises in metal stamping, roll forming, robotic/manual welding assembly, modular assembly, dies design and manufacturing, electrical & electronic device assembly and aerospace metallic components manufacturing.

PHN’s roll forming facilities is the first automotive high tensile roll forming production line in South East Asia. Being a pioneering force made it possible to offer customers a full range of mechanical press and welding services including fine blanking, tailored welded blank (TWB) stamping and assembly for high tensile and advanced high tensile material.


End-to-end die manufacturing solutions sets us apart from the rest, as a full range of services from design to assembly are offered. PHN also has technical collaborations with G-Tekt Japan, Desay SV China, Hiruta-Kogyo, Akashi-Kikai, Futaba, Namicoh, Marujun and Rikenkaki Japan.

Our unrivalled commitment to produce the best products is made possible by our 2,400 strong highly skilled workforce that form the backbone of our cutting edge manufacturing facilities in Shah Alam, Bukit Beruntung, Melaka, Subang Jaya, Pekan and Tanjung Malim. It is this unrelenting drive that endears us to our both our customers and shareholders.

Our accreditation, such as ISO/TS16949, ISO 9001, EMS 14001 AND OHSAS 18001, are testaments to our passion for exemplary manufacturing practices. This tradition of excellence is also plainly evident in our subsidiaries, DRB-HICOM Mechatronics Sdn Bhd (DHMSB) and Oriental Summit Industries Sdn Bhd (OSI) too.

DHMSB was established to fulfil the group aspirations to expand PHN’s reach into Electrical and Electronic product units, such as head units, meter clusters, climate controllers, batteries and such. While OSI has also increased PHN’s reach into the production of niche automotive related products such as chassis components and seat frames.

Corporate Phillosophy
The corporate philosophy of doing business is to do a job at a profit and in accordance
with the ethical values, social & environmental harmony.
Mission and Vision

PHN aims to achieve its commercial aspirations by ensuring profitability is in line with its ethical values, social responsibility and respect for the environment at large with quality leadership and efficient management practices. Its goals are to remain competitive, producing top quality products and embodying the sense of professionalism into its day-to-day operations.


     To provide our customers with superior
     quality product at a competitive price

     To become a highly competitive metal parts
     and dies manufacturer in the region
Our 7 core values :-
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